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I'm not gonna let someone else's idea of destiny stop me from loving you, or being with you, or building a  f u t u r e  with you, because you are my life.

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i said a swear once and next thing you know i was doing meth

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wake up america


wake up america

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There’s no such thing as a bad idea. Just poorly executed awesome ones.

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frank iero’s melonshark: before & after

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do you ever see a person you love do something really fucking ridiculous and you just watch and think “ah yes this is where i have laid my affections”

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Supernatural fandom should be coming any moment now. 

an unexpected addition but highly appreciated

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theperksofbeing-a-weasley asked: “Nikki Howard! Mini playlist omg”

Here you go :3

N early Witches (Ever Since We Met) - Panic! at the Disco

I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous - Frank Turner

K ill All Your Friends - My Chemical Romance

K ing and Lionheart - Of Monsters and Men

I Gave You All - Mumford and Sons

H aiti - Arcade Fire

O h My God - Ida Maria

W aiting - Green Day

A berdeen - Cage the Elephant

R U Mine - Arctic Monkeys

D enial Twist - The White Stripes

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There is a hidden past between Frank Turner and Florence Welch and I intend to goddamn find out what it fucking is.

There is a hidden past between Frank Turner and Florence Welch and I intend to goddamn find out what it fucking is.

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florida is a godless place. I went there once, got in the ocean, and immediately had to evacuate because a bull shark was swimming right towards me. there was an alligator on the side of the freeway. meth addicts and men on tractors roam free. florida is america’s australia

I grew up in Florida. Please don’t insult Australia like that.

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